china’s largest mobile operator achieves automation through laiye.-乐游棋牌官网

client background
china mobile, a well-known telecommunications operator, saw rpa's potential for its services early on and moved quickly to capitalize on it before competitors. china mobile trusted laiye rpa to implement rpa into several of its business sectors because it knew laiye rpa was a notable ai-powered rpa provider that regularly delivered exceptional outcomes. the sizeable mobile operator believed that several business procedures in the customer service sector would benefit significantly from automation - for the delight of both customers and workers.
laiye rpa
adoption department
multiple business units
in 2020, the telecommunications sector was not just surviving but prospering, due in part to its continuous growth through the flexible acceptance of technology innovations. robotic process automation (rpa), a new significant trend that is drastically altering the business, is one of the most current methods in which several telecom service providers favorably reinvent themselves to deliver greater value.
china mobile observed that front-end
operations can be completely implemented
even if business procedures are fairly complex, they are still within laiye rpa's capabilities.
prior to the deployment of rpa, staff was required to execute each step manually each time (not unlike a robot). they would first have to launch the program that dealt with client information before entering the appropriate log-in credentials to get access to the system. they would then have to browse to the appropriate menu and sort through the mountains of data in order of priority. following that, they were needed to examine each customer inquiry individually and sift through massive amounts of data to find the relevant material. each and every duty had to be managed on an individual basis, which was obviously exhausting.
thankfully, laiye rpa simplified it all by shouldering the tedious processes, making everything speedier and error-free while bringing smiles to customers' faces and the employees. after deployment of rpa, all the staff had to enter the business processing system, check the status of the customer's query and identify whether any changes needed to be made before proceeding accordingly. afterward, the staff would send a quick notification email to the customer and record all the details.
laiye rpa was a worthwhile investment for china mobile. rpa is beginning to have a strong presence in the telecommunications sector, and for a good reason, too. it's the latest technological solution that delivers promising results, helping enterprises boom in the modern era of digital transformation.