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we help businesses and people achieve their full potential. our ai-powered intelligent automation products and services optimize the human-robot collaborative alliance to empower businesses operate at new levels of productivity and efficiency. we are recognized as a high performer in the rpa space by gartner peer insights and g2.

integrated suite of solutions

implement our integrated suite of advanced and intelligent rpa, idp, and conversational chatbot products quickly and efficiently—eliminating downtime and providing insights from day zero. with an integrated suite, you will have better and faster access to relevant data. this empowers data-driven insights, leading to high-impact decisions to your business advantage.

native ai capabilities

unlock ai’s full business value with our ai-native platform that puts algorithmic capability at the centre of our rpa platform.

our dedicated ai team has built a rpa solution that has pre-trained, out-of-the-box ai models. these models are available either in the cloud or on-premise, with native natural language processing (nlp) and optical character recognition (ocr) capability.

mature rpa technology

boost your business with mature and reliable rpa technology that is flexible and fast in deployment, which can introduce significant benefits in a very short period.

ready for the future

gather fresh ways to get even more results for your business with ai-powered rpa, which is constantly adapting to its environment, and learning how to do its tasks more efficiently.

our technology can capture data, trigger responses, communicate with other systems, and perform various tasks independently—helping organizations move towards more efficient and effective business processes.

dedicated customer service

you’re covered by a support team who is dedicated to your success, focused on satisfying customer needs and meeting sla requirements.

leverage the knowledge of laiye’s 400,000 community members and our rapidly expanding global partner network for additional help.

we are here to assist you with any issue and to help you achieve success.

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