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/// disconnected systems hinder efficient operations  ///
disconnected systems hinder efficient operations  ///
different logistics enterprises use disconnected systems, making it labor-intensive and error-prone when operating cross systems. heavily relying on manual operation, logistics enterprises have to make substantial investments in labor especially during times of peak business volume to process the mountains of data.
/// how laiye helps solve your biggest concern  ///
how laiye helps solve your biggest concern  ///

automatic shipment management

retrieve different lists of goods from business systems, fill invoices, and send orders to the systems of logistics suppliers.

timely update

retrieve the logistics status from suppliers and update it to the information platform after sending out the goods so that customers keep abreast of latest logistics information.

transportation management

solve the problems of regular follow-up and multi-system interaction in this process by integrating the original transportation management system and realize better shipment arrangement.
/// use laiye rpa to improve your performance with intelligent logistics  ///
use laiye rpa to improve your performance with intelligent logistics  ///
  • higher efficiency:
    the whole logistics process becomes easy and convenient by integrating multiple systems and redeploying manpower. turnaround time becomes shorter as well.
  • better customer experience:
    automated logistics will reduce shipping delays and eliminate inventory backlogs to improve customer satisfaction.
  • error elimination:
    it can effectively avoid human errors in the process of data handling by replacing manual operations with rpa.
  • shorter turnaround time:
    intelligent logistics will shorten turnaround time to save costs and release manpower.
logistics: rpa helped logistics company optimize process
managing director of the company said, "take steps to automation is a milestone and a step that the company must take. rpa not only meets the needs for creativity, reliability and timely service in our work, but also give us an advantage in the fierce competition…