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/// overwhelming paperwork  ///
overwhelming paperwork  ///
numerous documents and forms related to teaching and academic affairs, such as class schedules, student rosters, student registration cards, health cards, etc. are truly cumbersome and repetitive while they mainly rely on manual operation. teachers are usually stressed out by paperwork and have to limit their attention to students.
/// what can laiye offer to relieve teachers from stress  ///
what can laiye offer to relieve teachers from stress  ///

curriculum registration

automatically check students' qualifications, verify information, and list candidates to avoid lengthy manual processing.

attendance management

send automatic notifications and reports to parents and students.

document entry

batch processing of student information and entry into the system.
/// spend more time on matters related to teaching  ///
spend more time on matters related to teaching  ///
  • reduce trivial tasks:
    decrease in time spent on matters unrelated to teaching, enabling teachers to pay more attention to their students.
  • increase teaching experience:
    significant improvements of student experience with more efficient and timely handling of requests.
  • release pressure:
    reduction of the working pressure on teachers by automating repetitive tasks.
  • save time and cost:
    save processing time and thus reduce operating costs with intelligent automation.
education: how to process invoices automatically for a large educational institution?
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