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the hub is more intimate while providing more timely and accurate task notification

· multi-channel notification, providing connectivity to common office im (such as whatsapp, line, imessage, etc.) .

· seamless access to the task processing workbench, seamless switching between daily work and collaborative task processing.

· collaborative tasks can be assigned, transferred based on rules and facilitate multi-team collaboration which is more worry-free.

rich form design to meet business needs in all aspects

· zero code by drag and drop. what you see is what you get.

· provide more than 20 types of pre-built forms. there is always one for you.

· rich and detailed form configuration to meet the needs of multi-scene configuration.

· optimized input experience by automatically adapting multi-device and multi-resolution displays such as mobile phones, pads, and computers.

multi-person and multi-machine interaction allows for efficient and simple task processing

· powerful collaborative task filter to quickly find the task.

· provide auxiliary information such as text and screenshots for manual processing.

· flexible task assignment for multi-user collaboration scenarios.

· full data records of operation and task flow so that business data can be traceable.

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