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creator provides the production tools for rpa development with different views in local language including visual view and code view to provide both readability and development efficiency. it is combined with the advantages of common programming languages with complete syntax. uibot creator also provides single step recording, whole process recording and visual target selection.


worker is designed for complex tasks. it can package your process to achieve true automation. if you want to operate more than one process, run your process at a specific time or achieve the function of arranging, extending and view of records, please do not hesitate to contact us.


commander is a web-based software used by all of the rpa users. each user can login and assign his own role and group, and operate with the resources in the group to control the automation process start and stop. each execution result (video, log, message, etc.) can also be viewed using commander.


mage provides multiple native ai capabilities in one platform and all the ai capabilities are seamlessly integrated with rpa robots.

  • out-of-the-box ai models
  • custom ai models
  • seamlessly integrated with creator so that rpa developer can use ai capabilities with no-code/low-code development

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