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laiye idp is an intelligent document processing platform that can understand, extract and perform a variety of document related operations.

what we do

laiye idp allows the processing of unstructured documents such as contracts, emails, annual reports, and shipping orders. idp extracts relevant data, validates with data dictionary and business validation rules. idp also provides a graphical user interface, users can review and correct information in low confidence. after prepared structured data for output, the data can be sent to rpa for additional operations.

main and secondary features

  • life cycle management tools: includes labeling, training, testing, and deploying models.

  • graphical user interface: reviews and correct infor-mation in low confidence by human-in-the-loop.

  • continuously enhances accuracy with reviewed data.

handle a variety of data format

word, email, pdf, images so on. recognize stamps, handwritings in low quality document.

easy to learn and use

provide several built-in models that can work out of the box. customized models can be trained with small amount of annotated data.

seamlessly integrated

seamlessly integrated with laiye rpa platform.

flexible deployment options

provide flexible deployment options including on-premise, desktop and cloud.

achieving broader automation through idp