laiye's ai-乐游棋牌官网

laiye chatbot is a conversational ai platform for building, training and managing chatbots.

what we do

laiye chatbot allows citizen developers to build, train, optimize and deploy chatbots through a easy-to-use visual interface, and integrate with multiple conversational user interfaces such as official websites, mobile apps, instant messaging platforms and iot devices.

main and secondary features

  • the platform includes the entire workfow of building, training, deploying and optimizing chatbots.

  • language understanding based on large-scale pre-trained model: make chatbots more intelligent.

  • support no-code development: users can build chatbots without writing any code.

  • support multi-turn dialog: chatbots can understand context.

  • support personalized conversation: chabots can behave differently according to user tags.

  • support multiple

high accuracy

based on cutting-edge technology, a small amount of training data can achieve high accuracy of over 95%.

continuously improved

models can be continuously improved by real data.

industry knowledge base

we have accumulated knowledge base and project experience in many industries, and can quickly start and deliver chatbot projects.

open platform

provide 100 api to enable enterprises with development ability to integrate chatbot into business system.

safety and stability

elastic scalability, support high concurrency, provide 99.9% availability commitment.

automate your customer service with ai chatbots.