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multiple authorization types help to meet different business requirements flexibly

· node-locked: enter the "activation code" to use, and network connection is not needed.

· floating license: log in on different computers with one account.

· concurrent licenses: authorize rpa workers flexibly according to the number of running processes; unoccupied rpa workers will not be authorized then.

· authorization types can be switched on demand.

the function "clone" which supports non interacting operations of the user and the process helps to make full use of existing resources

· the user and the automation worker share one computer and its data, but do not interfere with each other.

· with no additional settings, the function "clone" runs along with the process.

· support common versions of windows systems including windows home.

· multiple processes can be organized into one process group, which also supports the function "clone".

multiple types of triggers enable the process to run efficiently and orderly

· can trigger the process regularly according to the work plan.

· can trigger the process automatically when the automation worker starts.

· can trigger the process when receiving a specific email. you can set trigger rules in terms of the sender, carbon copy recipients, blind carbon copy recipients, email subject, body, attachments and other conditions of the email.

· can monitor operations such as file addition and deletion. once the specific operation occurs, the process will be triggered immediately.

· third-party applications can call triggers through api to run the process at any time.

support high-density deployments to maximize computer performance and save hardware costs

· can deploy multiple automation workers on one computer at the same time. they can run one or even multiple processes simultaneously to improve efficiency.

· can have multiple automation workers work at the same time with no interference from each other.

· can restore the automation worker automatically after reboots.

· can monitor and manage online operating status of the automation worker on the local computer or automation commander.

automation worker is a client software that needs to be downloaded and installed on your computer. currently, there are versions for windows system and linux system. the version for windows system can be more powerful, but user experience is generally the same. there are two operating modes for the automation worker: attended or unattended. attended mode is preferred to be used on desktop computers. human controls the process deployment and operation. unattended mode instead suits remote computers such as virtual machines and servers. in this way, automation workers can automatically receive and run processes according to the arrangement of the automation commander without manual intervention.