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a unified platform conducts standardized management of processes, automation workers, data, tasks, etc

· fine-grained authorization method: delegate the process to specific departments or employees and achieve granular management.

· maintain different versions of process and issue appropriate version according to the environment --- no need to make adjustments one by one.

· customize process parameters to meet business requirements more specifically by allowing users flexibility to modify the information required for process operation look for and review the history of finished processes to help in troubleshooting problems.

tasks are created, managed and controlled easily and flexibly

· create multiple tasks with one click, which will be automatically assigned to several automation workers.

· arrange the order of tasks by priority, and urgent affairs can be handled quickly.

· re-execute and re-assign tasks in response to exceptions occurring in the business.

· monitor the status of tasks at any time and look into the running log of the tasks to learn about their running information.

flexible access allocation and resource control helps in boosting the convenience of usage while ensuring data privacy

· conduct complete access control of processes, automation workers, data, credentials, files, tasks and other resources.

· sort out employees with different roles, and empower them with corresponding access and operation rights.

· empower employees responsible for different businesses with variable data accesses to ensure data privacy and vertical management.

· build multiple roles based on actual business scenarios for enterprises to refer to when assigning accesses, thus lowering the threshold of access allocation.

multiple methods of monitoring help users know about the status of tasks in real time and maintain and debug the process

· real-time monitoring: you can monitor the process running in real time without operating the computer where the automation worker is located.

· remote control: you can send "ctrl", "alt" and other commonly used shortcut keys to the computer, which makes it easier to check and modify the system environment.

· synchronous screen recording: you can choose any task to view the screen recording at any time when playing back, the task, the commands being executed and the log information will be displayed at the same time, making all details under control.

· when playing back, the task, the commands being executed and the log information will be displayed at the same time, making all details under control.

automation commander is a b/s software. all functions of it can be used through the browser after a server-side installation. we have also deployed the automation commander on the internet. adopting saas, you can use it with a tenant account and don't need to install and maintain it by yourself. in addition, the data of your tenant account is completely isolated from that of others. if you want to deploy the automation commander privately, you need to prepare a server of linux operating system (or kylin, uos and other chinese operating systems), and we suggest having your own database server. for specific configuration requirements and deployment methods, please contact our pre-sales consultants. when deployed privately, automation commander can be set to apply a kubernetes (k8s) - based deployment. in this case, at least 3 servers are required to achieve higher availability, and operation and maintenance of them will be more complicated.