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laiye rpa developer guide d1-乐游棋牌官网

congratulations! you have completed the beginner tutorial for laiye rpa developers!

through the study of the beginner tutorial, you have mastered the basic concepts behind laiye rpa, as well as how to navigate the tools laiye rpa provides. you should now be able to write some simple processes! head on to the laiye rpa official website to certify yourself as a laiye rpa developer. it’s a great way to test your understandings and practical skills in laiye rpa.

of course, if you want to learn more about laiye rpa, we have prepared the intermediate and advanced laiye rpa tutorials for you. there, you will learn more about the laiye rpa programming language, data processing, network and system, artificial intelligence, and extensions. if you’re excited to dive into these advanced yet powerful concepts, go straight on to the intermediate tutorial. best of luck!