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what will laiye rpa do for internet and retail?

sales analysis
we provide comprehensive audit and real-time insight to help retailers and suppliers conduct more effective analysis to maximize sales opportunities.
funds management
we can help staff automate data processing to manage the funds of each store effectively, so you can keep abreast of the capital flows of all retail stores in a timely manner.
sales account processing
after rpa deployed, the overtime of financial manuscript download, financial vouchers making, accounts recording and so on will be shortened. financial personnel will have more time to do works require advanced analysis.
sales data check
rpa can automatically download daily sales data from the internal sales system, download the revenue report of each store from each payment platform and check the data to find out errors to reduce the workload of staff, monitor the sales data of each store in real time and ensure the accuracy of the data.
rpa ai: open the blind area of it asset management
according to gartner research, less than 25% companies in the world currently have proper it asset management plans. most companies (especially…
retail: how does rpa save traditional toy retailers?
“rpa has brought change to the group and that is a key business driver. it enables us to process suppliers’ invoices more easily and efficiently, thus helping our member merchants to gain greater benefits.”
retail: home-improvement simplify global delivery process
rpa can process more than 200,000 orders automatically, save over 5000 work hours a year and eliminate order entry errors. it has also improved satisfaction of customers.

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