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what will laiye rpa do for other industries?

ensure security
rpa ensures that business data is compliant with existing regulations and reduces risk.
improving efficiency
rpa takes the place of human to enter data automatically, which improves the business efficiency and shortens the business processing time.
improving accuracy
rpa can be integrated on sap applications to automatically extract and process data information across systems, effectively avoiding errors and ensuring data accuracy.
shorten turnaround time
even at the peak of the business, rpa can help employees get more work done with less time and effort. it can reduce the workload of staff and handle a large number of businesses in a timely manner.
manufacturing industry: a manufacturing company realized automation
a manufacturing company can save nearly 40,000 working hours and 1.4 billion yen in labor cost and improve work efficiency by more than 52% every year. by the end of 2019, rpa has saved nearly 120,000 working hours for the company.
insurance industry: rpa saved more than 1 billion costs
rpa automated business processes, increased process efficiency by 80%, reduced claims processing costs by more than 30%, and unleashed 25% capacity by the operations team.
insurance: life insurance
after deploying rpa, 85% business of the japanese insurance company has been automated. it not only alleviated manpower shortage in peak time, but also increased…
public service: water affairs
rpa saves nearly 2000 hours for one process every year. the sending records are available in the log.

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