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what will laiye rpa do for education & healthcare?

high investment return
your company can reduce errors and recovers payments by deploying rpa to save a large amount of money.
high security
rpa can improve the security and compliance of data information.
improving customer satisfaction
rpa can reduce the workload of staff, enable them to do more valuable work. then, the patient staff will bring you satisfied customers.
enhance controllability
hospital activities are supervised by rpa, which enhances the staff’s control over the results and the planning of the business.
healthcare: how does a healthcare company shorten turnaround time?
after deploying rpa, the turnaround time for claim processing has been reduced by at least half. of this total, the turnaround time for cghs has been reduced by 65% and…
education: how to process invoices automatically for a large educational institution?
"the rpa helps us save 10 minutes of processing time for each invoice. considering the fact that we have to process more than 40,000 invoices a year, we will soon save more than 7,000 hours…

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