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what will laiye rpa do for finance and banking?

save time
rpa will reduce cross-system operations, shorten wait times and improve the relationship between banks and customers.
be greener
rpa frees stuff from mountains of paper documents. it will not only reduce paper cost, but also save time. so they can use the time to communicate with customers. that’s a greener way to run the company.
business growth
rpa will increase the productivity of your company and increase the volume of business.
improve customer experience
after deployed rpa, the customers of your company will enjoy a more efficient and secure way to apply for financing.
rpa application senarios in japanese financial industry
by deploying rpa, 59% of corporates are satisfied with the working results. nearly 80% of companies delicate that they will continue to increase investment in business process automation in the future.
how does the financial group automat the workflow?
most of the financial cooperates are completing the processing of personal loan with rpa technology, which is improving service efficiency at around 80%.

are you ready to automate your workflow?