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5 ways to further automate the manufacturing industry

august 02 2020

automation has greatly benefited the assembly line, allowing manufacturers to boost efficiency, accuracy, and productivity when building physical products. to further improve business, manufacturers are turning to other forms of automation, specifically rpa (robotic process automation).

5 ways rpa can advance the pharmaceutical industry

july 29 2020

the pharmaceutical industry is a crucial sector that supplies society’s drugs and medicines. especially during covid-19, pharmaceutical institutions need to devote time to researching and creating effective medicine to improve public health.

5 ways rpa can streamline insurance companies’ workflows

july 26 2020

providing insurance to a large volume of clients means increased pressure on workers who have to handle repetitive administrative tasks each day to provide such services. here at laiye, we offer laiye uibot, an rpa product that is widely useful in the insurance company.

5 ways rpa can automate banking workflows

july 22 2020

banks and other financial institutions have to handle various administrative tasks every day, whether it is maintaining the general ledger or processing loans and mortgages. here at laiye, we offer laiye uibot, an rpa product that can help banks create robots to automate a wide variety of tasks.

driving the outsourcing industry’s evolution with rpa

july 15 2020

the outsourcing industry traditionally played an enormous role in helping organizations cut costs, save time, and focus on core tasks. here at laiye, we offer laiye uibot, an rpa product that can help bpo businesses gain a competitive edge and adapt to changing circumstances.

driving customer loyalty with electronic commerce

july 07 2020

laiye, the leader of rpa ai in china, continues to provide its chatbot platform wulai to its clients, helping e-commerce providers drive customer loyalty. wulai, initially launched in 2017, helps enterprises build, train, and deploy chatbots.