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how rpa could save lives during the coronavirus pandemic

september 06 2020

during the covid-19, the most important challenge all over the world is the same, lack of sufficient human resources in clinics and hospitals. here to explain a few scenarios that laiye uibot rpa ai solution could let the staff free from the paperwork and engage in saving more lives.

the turning moment of the rpa market

september 02 2020

in the forrester's report, they list laiye uibot as one of the key players in the chinese rpa market. this article is about seven reasons why laiye uibot meets the parameters introduced in the given list of seven innovations.

how rpa drives procurement and purchase

august 30 2020

rpa (robotic process automation), software that can emulate human operations on a pc, can be vastly useful in automating repetitive tasks in the s2p process. here at laiye, we offer laiye uibot, an rpa ai product that can drive procurement and purchase at your company.

why learning rpa matters to business professionals

august 23 2020

in today's busy life for the business professionals, we are all multitasking, trying to achieve so many things from attending scheduled meetings to data entry tasks, data processing to analysis. here are some reasons why the rpa is the best available solution for companies' needs.

how rpa eases the workload of financial shared service centers

august 19 2020

thus far, more than 90% of the top 500 global enterprises have built financial shared service center. rpa as an automation tool can contribute a lot in easing the workload of these centers, but before we get started with that, we need to know a few new terms, so let's get started with it.

5 ways rpa can modernize the it industry

august 12 2020

the it industry is crucial to helping businesses manage their information technology. responsible for software, hardware, internet, and other services, it companies provide the groundwork for business operations. here we delve into 5 it scenarios and compare manual and automated workflows.

what to expect from the latest version of laiye uibot

august 09 2020

here at laiye, we strive to create the best products for everyone. receptive to feedback, our team has developed a new and improved version of our rpa product, laiye uibot.

71 typical rpa application scenarios across various industries

august 05 2020

at present, rpa is widely implemented in many industries such as banking, insurance, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare. through continued optimization, rpa has become the backbone of helping government agencies and businesses reduce costs, improve efficiency, and promote digital transformation.