ai-powered rpa

ai-powered rpa is the future of rpa. furthermore, it is the future of most businesses. it is faster, more intelligent, and more robust than other regular rpa solutions.

our company, laiye, is the leader in the innovative intelligence automation industry today. moreover, laiye’s ai-powered rpa is the most advanced and available ai-powered rpa solution.

tomorrow is here today.

join with our leaders, innovators, and visionaries.
join the laiye movement. “to do better and to be better.”

robotic process automation has already changed the industry, and laiye’s groundbreaking artificial intelligence has changed it again.

all of us witness the ever-increasing pace of technological innovation nowadays. growing technologies have replaced more and more repetitive tasks. nonetheless, it is hard to optimize these tasks. with laiye ai-powered rpa, we've utilized our trained artificial intelligence to work better for your business.

we have great potentials and ready to explore the next stage of technology. by training our ai and emulating digital processes, we can automate the tasks, systems, and organizational structures. furthermore, ai-powered rpa can capture data, trigger responses, communicate with other systems, and perform various tasks independently. consequently, it can contribute to the business to do better and be better.

ai-powered rpa can be integrated quickly and efficiently, eliminating downtime and providing insights on day zero.
to scale
like what you’re seeing? ai-powered rpa can be mobilized in new sectors of your business quickly.
get proven return on investment from ai-powered rpa on launch.
all day
ai-powered rpa is proven to have an incredibly low rate of error, much less than a traditional workforce.
our ai-powered rpa software is incredibly intuitive and most users can get set up in under 45 minutes.
ai-powered rpa starts with you

the first step in automating anything begins with discovery. our team will discuss your business needs and see where ai-powered rpa can be deployed within your organization's existing infrastructure, and highlight use cases.

we'll outline goals and objectives, layout details, and show your team how to get the most out of ai-powered rpa.

your automations

once we understand your goals, ai-powered rpa is within your grasp. quickly and efficiently understand the capabilities of our ai-powered rpa, and try examples of what tasks our software can complete and deliver returns.

ai-powered rpa is active

instantly, our artificial intelligence is optimizing it’s designed processes. ai-powered rpa is actively completing it’s tasks, highlighting new opportunities within the designed process and delivering results, freeing your team to pursue the next goal.

ai-powered rpa is on the task, while finding new opportunities for you.

what’s next

ai-powered rpa is constantly adapting to it’s environment, and learning how to do it’s tasks more efficiently. dashboards are showing live results for you and your team. ai-powered rpa can suggest new ways to implement to gather even more results.

what can your team use ai-powered rpa to do next?

what can ai-powered rpa do ?
in a customer call center:
get your reps up to speed quickly by suggesting training based off survey results.
keep employees on task with calls by providing real time suggestions based on customer responses.
minimize handling time with customers and let employees spend more time offering personalized service.
boost revenue by providing automated scripts to employees, encouraging upsell and cross-selling techniques.
streamline customer engagement by automatically pulling details in customer files, and background recording of sales.
what can ai-powered rpa do for you?