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laiye's integrated suite of advanced and intelligent rpa, idp, and conversational chatbot products can quickly and efficiently eliminate downtime and provide insights from day zero. truly bringing ai to life, you will have better and faster access to relevant data. this empowers data-driven insights, leading to high-impact decisions to your business advantage. quickly, efficiently, and effectively.
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banking & financial service
banking & financial service
  • 30%-60% reduction in costs generates immediate return on investment.
  • improve efficiency and accuracy to meet stringent compliance requirements.
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our customers have achieved great success with improved efficiency and accuracy. see how they enhance the satisfaction of both their employees and customers with laiye's help and discover the potential for intelligent automation in your industry.
84%increase in
employee productivity
net promoter score
daily customer interactions
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this first step in the adoption of rpa in our group processes has been extremely meaningful for us. we particularly liked the fact that we could start from small to scale. besides the short learning curve, what touches us even more was laiye uibot's services.

——ceo of raas pal
china mobile insists on innovation, especially technological innovation, as its core competitiveness. the introduction of laiye intelligent automation has improved our work efficiency and quality, released the vitality of employees, helped the company further reduce costs and increase efficiency in the fierce competition, and achieved faster development.

—— rpa project manager of china mobile
in the process of intelligent transformation, laiye rpa frees employees from repetitive and tedious work and allows them to perform more valuable work. meanwhile, the intelligent processing of data substantially optimizes efficiency and accuracy. lenovo has never stopped optimizing our workflow to meet the fierce competition in the global market.

——bingbing liu
lenovo it operation command center pm