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april 28 2021

public business service often consumes a lot of manpower and financial resources. recently, with the continuous increase of labor cost, rpa deployment has become the best choice of cutting work time and save cost in public utility companies.

now, there are increasing number of public utility companies around the world are implementing and optimistic about rpa. a listed water company in the uk has significantly improved its work efficiency after the deployment of rpa.


the main work of the british listed water company is to provide domestic water and waste water treatment for about 700 million people in northwest england.

the company deployed rpa in november 2017, and in january of the following year, it has automated its first process. the it team is concentrate on studying rpa and its applying field. so far, 20 processes have been automated through rpa, and another 12 processes are under development.

“the purpose of deploying rpa is not to lay off staff, but to automate the work process that require no brain or business knowledge.” said the company’s project director.

use process:

1. access application system and affirm the director, then, send the appointment visiting message to the customers.

before deploying:8 employees took 6.4 hours to finish work

after deploying:1 robot spends 30 minutes to finish work

deployment effect:the company saves nearly 2000 hours for the process every year, and records of the sending date and sender are available in the log. although there has been a reduction in manual work, the company has not lay off the staff as a result. employees who used to send text messages have more time to communicate with customers.

2. measure water consumption in response to customers’ demand

before deploying: the customers who do not charge by water meters can apply for free water meters. the employees will calculate whether the water meter is suitable to installation according to customers’ living space and population. however, with the sharp raising of customers’ demand, the personnel allocation is hard to follow up.

after deploying: after accept the application of customers, the robots will perform calculations according to the applications.

implementation effect: the customer efficiency has been increased. when the demand of customers has increased, the robots can be increased, business won’t be affected because of manpower shortage.

3. fault inspection and resolution

before deployed: to discover problems early is crucial for checking and repairing leakage for water company. however, manual inspection will always ignore some problems. some even take a long time to be discovered.

after deployed: there are 10 robots work continuously for 7*24 hours. as soon as problems happened, there will be immediate feedback. the manager can directly and clearly check where the problems are.

implementation effect: the checking frequency and accuracy has been increased. detecting problems early to prevent leakage.

4. report business data

before deployed: 8 employees come up business data manually will take 720 minutes for 4 times a day.

after deployed: it takes only 32 minutes for rpa robots to generate data report automatically.

implementation efficiency: the efficiency and frequency of business data report has greatly been increased. in the summer of 2018, the number of reports has increased from 4 times to 9 times a day in the absence of additional personnel.

are you ready to explore the rpa world?