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april 26 2021

according to the survey of mm comprehensive research institute, about 32% of japanese enterprises with annual turnover of more than 5 billion yen have implement rpa system.

among the scale of companies, around 39% of companies keep annual turnover over100-billion yen, 27% of enterprises have annual turnover of less than 100-billion yen, and smes are still in the stage of popularization level.

in terms of industry, the financial industry accounts for 44%. in recent years, rpa is also used in the system background business of manufacturing industry and real estate industry.

example of rpa system in financial industry in the financial industry, there are many stereotyped businesses, but no mistakes are allowed, so rpa is highly applicable and compatible for the financial industry. compared with other industries, “the first person to eat crabs” in the financial industry is the first industry to introduce rpa.

m bank bank is the first enterprise to set up rpa in the financial industry. since 2013, the bank began to implement automation, introduced rpa in 2014, and took the spot check business of group credit insurance declaration of residential loan as the improvement object, successfully reduced the business volume of 2500 hours, and began to import rpa in large scale in spring 2015.by the end of last year, more than 2000 rpas of business processes had been automated working and 20000 hours of working time had been successfully saved.

at present, reporter who is engaging in the rpa robot development business in this bank, and he has seen the most beautiful development site. the company invests heavily in ai and rpa, and all employees are actively automating their stereotyped business through rpa. while they do their own work, they are also responsible for solving problems for those who are not good at programming.

s bank started the rpa import test in 2016. in 2018, 1000 rpa robots have successfully operated and realized high-speed automation.from marketing department to financial material department, loan financing department and other departments are rpa import objects.

for example, before the marketing department starts the day’s work, the rpa robot will automatically generate the materials and reports needed to visit the customer on that day, and also collect the product information related to the customer in advance.

so far, s bank has saved 400,000 hours of working hours through the introduction of rpa, and has defined the target of reducing 3 million hours of working hours by march 2020.

mm bank has repeatedly conducted rpa system and tested since 2016 , officially launched in 2018. mm bank will set up rpa in terms of personnel, administration, finance, legal affairs and all businesses around its employees that can be automated, and promote “work style reform”. for example, when processing the transfer entrustment business, you need to confirm the contents of 5 million entrustments, and then handle them manually, which is very cumbersome.

through the combination of ai and ocr technology of rpa, the automation from the reading of power of attorney to manual processing has been realized successfully. within the bank, the business improvement plan of ai, ocr and rpa combination is turned into “aor solution”. through this solution, we hope to reduce 80% of the manual transaction work.

in 2017, in order to save the working hours of high value-added business and improve the productivity, the company conducted rpa import test. the introduction of rpa officially started in 2018. in june 2018, affected by the earthquake in northern osaka and the rainstorm disaster in western japan, there were a lot of insurance payment businesses. rpa plays an important role in the printing of customer correspondence documents and contract information. that’s why in 2018 alone, 38000 hours of transactional work were saved.

j bank is headquartered in chiba county, japan, with three branches in tokyo. it is a typical japanese local bank.

j bank established rpa promotion group in 2018, which is mainly used for residential loan review business. before rpa import, because the customer’s personal information is all entered manually, it takes an average of 40 to 60 minutes for each piece. after rpa is imported, it only takes half of the time. moreover, because of the reduction of working hours, the bank put more people into the work of sales and consulting services. j bank has established the policy of rpa business expansion, and aims to reduce 5300 hours of working hours in 2019.

rpa is not only the reform of improving business efficiency, but also the reform of internal work awareness.

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