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august 23 2020

in today's busy life for the business professionals, we are all multitasking, trying to achieve so many things from attending scheduled meetings to data entry tasks, data processing to analysis, and so on. some questions like, how do i refresh my skills, how do i get new skills, how do i stay current and relevant? would always tickle your mind. however, the good old days when we could afford the luxury of going to a classroom have gone!

even more, there is a new wave of demand for automation as companies are planning to save their employees time to be dedicated to more significant tasks and dedicate the low-level tasks to robots. this increases the need for learning automation tools more than in the past. it's the reality that human being doesn't like the change, but the truth of the matter is, all technologies overall benefited human beings. here are some reasons why companies are taking automation seriously and the rpa is the best available solution for their needs.

here is a list of reasons why learning rpa matters to professionals:

1, the trend in automation in big enterprises using rpa bots is a big push for employees to learn more about this technology.

2, the rpa offers professionals a variety of tasks such as data entry and data extraction from files, documents, and webpages, which will save them a considerable amount of time.

3, the capabilities of rpa bots are powerful. they can assist professionals in pre/post-processing of the data and perform computations and produce high-quality reports for further investigations and analysis by humans. 

4, the rpa secures your job positions. there is always this fear that bots will replace people. however, this is not true, the rpa bots will assist employees in their daily tasks by automating the repetitive intensive tasks. thus, professionals can be more focused on what is beyond the abilities of a computer and work with maximum creativity and productivity.

what is rpa?

the robotic process automation or rpa is a new age technological marvel. it automates the repetitive manual tasks such as data extraction from files, documents, and webpages, invoice processing, processing portal queries, and prices, chatbots, maintaining consumer data, validating files, and so on. almost every repetitive, rule-based task with high-volume can be automated by manipulating the rpa platform.

the fact that a bot can look at the data and present it as is without the bias, allows a user to analyze that data to look at it with fresh eyes. these bots can either just follow the rules defined by the user or they can manipulate the machine learning capabilities to offer the users more options and generate reports with higher quality. 

how do you get started?

if there is a will there is a way, laiye uibot, the rpa product of laiye, which is a complete solution, one that doesn’t require employees to spend much time on training or have a specific background in programming or computer science.

laiye, founded in 2015 by ivy league ph.d. graduates, is committed to being a leading smart robot platform with global influence in the era of human-robot collaboration. laiye rpa platform provides more than a solution. it’s a new attitude to technology.

laiye is trying to democratize education by offering online, free, and compact educational packages for business professionals with limited time for learning, creating communities for a better learning experience, and finally, allowing everyone to download and use the products. this will provide a rare opportunity for learners to gain practical knowledge from zero to one-hundred by using the platform and developing and publishing their bots. 

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are you ready to explore the rpa world?