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september 02 2020

the world’s rpa market is growing and it has been predicted that the rpa market would make it to $3 billion by 2021. the recent catastrophe caused by covid-19 was a wake-up call for all business owners to consider automation and distance working more than in the past. the financial crisis caused by this global catastrophe resulted in millions of new layoffs globally.

the business owners are left empty-handed with a few employees, a limited budget, and tons of tasks to survive these critical moments. this is the turning moment of the rpa market when it can flourish and save thousands of businesses and start-ups from bankruptcy.

in a recent report published by forrester, they made a detailed analysis of the seven innovations will determine the true value of the rpa market. the summary of this report is presented below.

in this report, they list laiye uibot as one of the key players in the chinese rpa market. here are seven

true application development platform

laiye uibot has a user-friendly environment and users can have access to the flowchart, visual view, and code view all in the same place which boosts up the development process, and this capability is solely offered by laiye uibot.

and third-party sdk. this makes the creator an undefeatable competitor by providing a fast and robust development environment.

low maintenance and resilient automation

laiye uibot offers process mining and this is a game-changing factor. the businesses might want to implement the rpa but they would have no idea what tasks could be automated, and if they know it, they’d not be aware of the order of the sub-processes to automate one/more tasks.

but that’s not all, once the automation tasks are designed, they can be modified over time and embrace the latest changes. this will make the maintenance cost almost negligible in many cases.

digital analysis and better bots

the process mining itself provides users with the opportunity to design the most optimized robots. however, the commander platform will utilize users with a powerful monitoring tool that allows users to detect the possible defects and to design a flawless robot in the future.

true saas and cloud solution

laiye uibot products are having almost all characteristics of a software as a service (saas) licensing and delivery model. the customers can have their configurations for the developed robots and they can customize the robots as they wish. laiye uibot can support c, lua, python, .net extension and third-party sdk which leads to accelerated feature delivery and users are capable of adding the features they need on their own aside from the regular updates that they will receive. also, laiye uibot offers several machine learning and ai tools that are already running using cloud servers.

embedding the right ai components

laiye uibot offers an rpa ai solution including but not limited to nlp, ocr, omr, and several other machine learning packages with very high accuracy. these packages have been developed by laiye and it is of great importance to have a solid infrastructure in these key technologies as they open the doors to the automation of more variety of tasks.

supports organizational models

laiye uibot offers more than 400 different processes that enable the users to develop a wide range of automation tasks in different sectors such as hr, finance & banking, manufacturing, healthcare, and so on. this is aside from the fact that the rpa tools can develop automation tasks at any scale from a small business to a financial shared services center (fssc), there would be almost no rule-based, repetitive, high volume tasks that couldn’t be done by rpa technology.

a hub for automation orchestration

last but not least, end-to-end automation requires that diverse platforms and emerging technology components work together. the true rpa with a strong architecture can schedule and integrate external automation services. for instance, chatbots can convert voice conversations to structured data and deliver the key points to the rpa in a predefined structure for collection.

in another report named the chinese rpa market is coming of age by forrester, it admires the fact that during the covid-19 outbreak, local communities in beijing used the laiye chatbot and rpa to build a conversational interface, collecting information on the health of residents via phone calls. the solution can call 500 numbers simultaneously and summarize data in spreadsheets; it needs just 10 minutes to complete the work that would take a human team 3 hours. based on this report, it is evident that laiye uibot can be a true hub for automation orchestration.

last words

if you are not convinced with all we have said so far, you can download the creator - community version – from and try it for free. the majority of the tools we have talked about are available there for the test. if you’ve got any questions regarding the products, please feel free to contact us at .

are you ready to explore the rpa world?