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june 17 2020

regardless of the industry, every company or organization needs an hr department to hire, train, and oversee its personnel. to keep up with today’s fast-paced world, companies strive to improve their hr abilities so that they may effectively find the right employees and create the best work environment.


however, most staff from the hr department are often bogged down by administrative tasks which prevent them from dedicating themselves to more valuable work. in 2017, a survey conducted by itelligence reported that 50% of an hr department’s time is spent on manual data input. since then, many companies have opted for technology to automate these tasks. yet as of 2019, 45% of small business owners still spend roughly one day a week or more on administrative hr issues, according to a study by oasis, conducted on nearly 300 u.s. businesses.


an increasing number of companies are opting for rpa (robotic process automation), software that can emulate human operations on pc, to automate repetitive and time-consuming hr tasks with much higher accuracy. here at laiye, we offer , an rpa product that can help you to improve the processes and effectiveness of your hr department.

does your hr department spend too much time on these tasks?


from hiring to retiring, the hr department has to manage many tasks, including but not limited to:

1. candidate screening and shortlisting. with a high volume of applicants, the hr team needs to review many incoming resumes and profiles and send rejections to those that do not meet any requirements. completing background checks, ensuring the applicant has met all conditions and shortlisting applicants for an interview all take a lot of time and effort.

2. training and onboarding. once a new hire is made, a lot of time is spent on integrating them into the company. this includes setting up a company email address, creating a user account, entering them into various databases and systems, and so on, while training sessions need to be scheduled. these tasks are mundane, repetitive, and often error-prone, meaning the new recruit’s first few days may not be the smoothest.

3. managing payroll. delays in payroll are often due to the need for compliance and security verification and manual data input, which are slow, tedious, and very error-prone processes. moreover, the lack of transparency may mean such errors stack up unnoticed.

4. tracking attendance. some employees are remiss when reporting absences or vacations, and the hr department often has to spend a lot of time manually cross-checking time logs and self-reported absences.

5. managing employee data. data regarding past employees, current employees, applicants, and new hires, such as payroll, benefits, and so on, need to be recorded and maintained. for larger businesses, manually overseeing employee data can be stressful and error-prone.

6. reporting. generating reports means accessing multiple databases, compiling and analyzing data, and formatting information. needless to say, manually doing so can be a long and toilsome process.

7. offboarding. the opposite of onboarding, offboarding entails the tedious tasks of canceling system access, closing corporate accounts, processing end-of-employment compensation and benefits, and notifying related departments.

how can laiye help?


we offer laiye uibot, an rpa product that can help your hr department get on the right track. capable of simulating repetitive, mundane human tasks on a computer under predefined rules, laiye uibot works across many different applications like email, browser, word, excel, pdf reader, and so on to seamlessly handle many responsibilities.


laiye uibot can streamline the entire hire to retire process. from the very first step of screening and shortlisting applicants, rpa technology can help extract information from resumes and other relevant files, and compare them with the company's requirements. even if these documents are paper-based, uibot can scan them and extract information using its ocr(optical character recognition) functions, helping create organized digital copies. if the applicant misses certain criteria, laiye uibot can also automatically generate and send a rejection notification, facilitating the entire process. once a hire is made, rpa can be used to automatically perform an onboarding protocol such as creating an email and a user account, and something similar can be done during offboarding. moreover, rpa can help schedule training sessions.


laiye uibot can also help alleviate the stress placed on managing payroll, tracking attendance, managing employee data, and generating reports. laiye uibot can automatically verify compliance or cross-check attendance information, which saves a lot of time and eliminates any unnecessary delays. it is also extremely capable of extracting data from both structured and unstructured information, meaning generating reports is made quick and simple; moreover, laiye uibot's ability to organize files will help reduce the effort needed to manage employee records.


improve your hr department with laiye  !


automating the tasks above would not only save time and money on behalf of the company, but also enable the hr team to devote themselves to more meaningful work such as managing and employing people effectively, promoting a safe, healthy work environment, maintaining employee relations, and meeting with employees, senior staff, and business partners. the core value of the hr team is their interpersonal interactions with other employees, and so the mundane, repetitive tasks can be left to the robots, which can work tirelessly 24/7 with up to 98% accuracy. with the help of our professional team, you can build your own robots in just one to two hours.


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