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june 24 2020

the manufacturing industry is already familiar with the benefits of automation. with machines and robots working on the assembly line, the manufacturing industry has used automation to perform repetitive tasks with much higher efficiency and accuracy, allowing firms to boost output with lower costs. 

why stop there? 

now, rpa (robotic process automation) can extend beyond the physical realm of factories and power plants and be implemented on pc, further enhancing the manufacturing industry’s ability to automate daily activities.


rpa is software that can emulate human operations on pc under predefined logic and rules. here at laiye, we offer laiye uibot, an rpa ai product that can help your manufacturing business save time, effort, and money on processes beyond the assembly line.


has your manufacturing business faced these problems?


besides production, a manufacturing business has to address many administrative responsibilities. like the work done on the production line, many of these tasks are tedious and unfulfilling. many of them arise due to the following:


  • bom (bill of materials). 

    the bill of materials is an essential document that lists all the materials needed to create a product, which helps employees make decisions about where, when, what, and how to purchase these materials. if there is a mistake in the document, it can cause the company to suffer drastic losses. unfortunately, since human error is inevitable, the risk is always present.

  • administration and reporting.

    a large number of reports need to be generated at different times. unfortunately, manually generating error-free reports requires meticulous work, which is inefficient and stressful for workers.

  • logistics data management. 

    obtaining resources needed for manufacturing implies complex logistical processes, including scheduling and tracking shipments, logistics planning, generating invoices, and so on. these processes place a lot of pressure on the logistics department, which has to manually handle all of these responsibilities.

  • monitoring inventory.

    fluctuations in customer demand make it difficult to decide inventory levels. to make sure inventory levels are suitable, there needs to be extensive monitoring of supply and demand. this is a very difficult and uncertain process which also requires a lot of manual effort.

  • data migration. 

    moving information from old systems to new ones is common in the manufacturing industry. however, transferring data manually means there will be errors, which can stack up over time in the system. this is a problem as it affects the regularity of business policies and causes inconsistencies.

  • customer support. 

    responding to customer inquiries often requires looking things up in a database, and following a call, the customer service staff has to access multiple applications to update, change, add, or delete records. these repetitive tasks take up a lot of time and effort.


how can laiye help?


laiye uibot is an rpa ai product that can greatly improve efficiency, worker satisfaction, and accuracy while lowering labor and logistical costs by helping automate the repetitive work listed above. unaffected by fatigue, stress, or emotions, laiye uibot robots can work 24/7, all year round. efficient and with over 95% accuracy, laiye uibot can reduce tasks that traditionally take four hours to tasks that only take ten minutes. implementing rpa means reducing inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and costs, freeing up workers to pursue more meaningful work.


in terms of handling bom, laiye uibot can eliminate errors with its high accuracy. the robots can scan paper-based bom using its ocr (optical character recognition) abilities, keeping organized digital files. they can also keep track and send alerts whenever there are changes made to the document and access real-time process monitoring, making the process foolproof. 


administrative tasks and reporting can also be easily automated using laiye uibot, which can automatically generate reports and email it to the appropriate authorities, in a timely and consistent fashion. moreover, laiye uibot can be used in inventory management and logistics. capable of real-time monitoring, the robot can automatically send notifications when stock levels are low and also repurchase items when needed; it can also help schedule and track shipments, generating invoices, and automating emails. data migration can also be greatly streamlined using rpa, which can help seamlessly transfer data across old and new systems.


rpa technology is also vastly useful in customer service, especially if used together with a chatbot such as laiye wulai chatbot. the robots can be designed to automatically update records after a call can also consult multiple databases across many computer applications to find information needed to answer an inquiry. this reduces the pressure placed on the customer service team, saving a lot of time and money.


take rpa one step further with laiye  today!


automation doesn't have to be confined to the factories. with help from our professional team, you can learn how to create your laiye uibot robots in just one or two hours today. with the help of these robots, your business will be more efficient, accurate, and cost-saving, allowing you to focus on putting forth the best products.


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