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september 30 2020

during the past eight years, us hotel gross bookings grew from $116 billion to $185 billion. airline revenue jumped from $155 billion to $222 billion. but growth was not limited to traditional players. it's also been a remarkable decade for travel tech.

it's easy to lose perspective on just how much technology has shaped travel in such a relatively short time. unprecedented growth, driven by a robust economy, digital innovation, and rising global consumer purchasing power. significant challenges come into sight. the unfortunate growing pains of an expanding industry.

increasing operating costs are putting travel brands under great pressure. fuel costs are rising. labor gaps drive wage increases. travel brands are already leaning on a mix of cost-cutting strategies to rein in expenses, including improved revenue management practices, supply chain optimization, digitalization, and automation.

digital innovations resulted in most travel companies being in a high-volume transaction-based environment. managing customer data, booking process, crm system, and so on are the ventures that should necessarily be managed efficiently. when all these go wrong, most travelers like to get in touch with a human customer care executive, and travel companies are caught in a conundrum. these seek a system that can increase the customer experience for efficiency.

in this blog, we are going to introduce the tourism industry process automation entry points. we will explain how rpa can generate value for the travel industry by delivering transformation and optimization along different business dimensions.

real-time competitors analysis

the tourism industry is fiercely competitive, and the insight on competitors, their strategies, and their prices change is vital. rpa robots are capable of data collection and data aggregation from multiple sources in real-time. this will give you the competitive advantage of receiving the report on the latest changes swiftly.

optimized booking

booking accommodation and transportation during the peak season is highly competitive. rpa robots could be connected to multiple booking systems to streamline the end-to-end reservation service and reduce manual effort. this will relieve the employees from the burden of repetitive task and decreases the operating cost while improving the customer's satisfaction.

personalized recommendations

finding the best available prices based on customer preferences is of great importance. rpa robots can pull customer data and available vacancies data from multiple systems to make personalized recommendations for accommodations, transportations, and local facilities. rpa automation enhances the customer's experience and creates loyal customers.

integrated legacy & crm systems

changing the legacy systems to a modern digital system (e.g. crm) requires heavy it investments such as integration with a new system or platform, and migrating data from an existing system to the cloud. rpa robots would access and pull data from the front-end of any system or application like human agents. this enables organizations to use legacy and crm systems conveniently and without any further investment.

rpa automation improves service quality and timeliness by being available 24/7, reducing errors, and improving compliance. intelligent automation increases employee satisfaction and they would be more focused on high-value activities and spend more time with customers. this not only reduces the operating costs, but it also enhances the customer experience and creates loyal customers.

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