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may 25 2020

unexpected coronavirus (covid-19) outbreak reaching fever pitch across the world, and the number of infected person is growing from all over the world, employees can not work in the office as normal, which brings new challenges for all the entrepreneurs, how to maintain the companies daily business without employees. 

according the news washington (cnn)president donald trump said on friday, he was declaring a national emergency to combat coronavirus even as he refused to take personal responsibility for administration failures early in the outbreak.

the above news and information, it seems that the corona-virus(covid-19) threat will continue for a while. under the corona-virus threat, laiye technology developed the  for supporting the enterprises all over the world against the virus war. 

in the face of the epidemic situation, how to organize the survey data quickly and management health reports become one of the critical steps. and the demand is very clear: data statistics and collection. there is a growing number of health data from different surveys or files every day, and a large number of data summarized by staff manually, which will take a long time to complete. and the workload of processing is huge with easy to make mistakes.


for solving this problem, laiye set of "epidemic management process automation software robot platform", called "daily health robot". it inquires and records the daily health status and outgoing information of groups, and automatically summarizes data and reports it to superior units. this kind of human task based on clear rules, repetition and standardization which is quite suitable to be automated by rpa. it not only has a high accuracy of filling in but also can trace the dynamic data in real-time.

in a word, through this kind of bot, you can complete a variety of tasks such as filling in forms, information summary, review, work-flow processing, etc.

laiye hopes that implementing this software robot can maintain the companies growing and staff's health. with our rpa ai bots, we will continue to improve companies business and bring more efficient business solutions. as the leading  enterprise, laiye has provided the rpa bot for wuhan in the early stage of the epidemic. also for the globe, we offered our rpa bot against the covid-19 in singapore and japan.

our mission is “robots for everyone”, we hope each of us around the world could work and live better. during this pandemic, laiye would provide the rpa bot against the covid-19 for companies globally.

company background

, founded in 2015 by ivy league ph.d. graduates, is committed to being a leading smart robot platform with global influence in the area of human-robot collaboration. the core technologies include deep learning, reinforcement learning, robotic process automation (rpa), natural language processing (nlp), personalized recommendations, and multi-turn and modal interactions.

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