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october 11 2020

as a business owner or an independent user, when it comes to searching for the application of rpa you can see tones of search results claiming rpa can do a variety of tasks, from automation of data entry and data collection tasks to the miracle and magic. in this blog, we will explain which parameters you must take into consideration before jumping into the sea of rpa.

what is rpa?

robotic process automation (rpa) is a sophisticated software technology capable of handling computer tasks. it uses computer software "robot" to handle structured, repetitive, rule-based tasks, while interacting with applications and information sources just like humans do now.

the "robots" aka "bots" are of two different types, attended and unattended bots. attended bots are designed for the processes that can be automated partially. thus, the bots would handle a portion of the task, helping to get the work done faster. unattended bots are capable of executing the tasks and interacting with applications independent of human involvement.

it refers to a bunch of software packages that allow users to "design, deploy and manage" their bots for their desired automated process.

how to distinguish myth from reality?

this is the time you get excited and you have the courage to seek help from the available vendors online for your automation needs. rpa has a dynamic market and every day new firms and products on the market offering automation solution.

while when it comes to practice, most of them suffering from a lack of infrastructure. for example, many vendors claim they have the capability of data entry tasks, however, when it comes to data extraction from multiple sources, they are incapable of handling all of them such as handwritten documents or scanned documents.

laiye is among the few (if any other is available) rpa products offering ai capabilities such as ocr, omr, nlp, and so on. this is beside the capability of customized packages that allow users to select the document they want to recognize such as id card recognition, bank card recognition, and so on.

even more, independent rpa learners and developers might have a variety of choices with tones of learning materials. however, when it comes to rpa tools, they cannot have access to free rpa tools from many vendors. if there are free rpa tools, it's only for a limited period.

laiye is a pioneer company in rpa technology that offers free tutorials and educational resources as well as free rpa tools for an unlimited period. users can practice the process of designing the rpa bots to develop their future careers.

how process mining paves the way to automation?

if you are a business owner and don't know where, when, and how to get started with rpa in your business, we at laiye offering you the right tools. laiye uibot is capable of process mining. it means a piece of software would observe the logs of actions (without any security leakage) and in the end, leave a list of tasks and their ordered flowcharts for automation. this makes the whole process a lot easier and faster.

the reality of process mining

the same as the first part, when you look for this capability there is still a lift of companies appearing as your search result claiming myths about it. it must be clarified that process mining can only report the processes that they have a log, for example, the operations user performs on an excel file are not capable of logging. this is a new beginning for the concept of process discovery.

laiye is the biggest rpa company in asia with more than nineteen years of experience in developing rpa tools. this is beside the artificial intelligence and machine learning infrastructure provided for users. also, laiye is among a few companies offering process mining tools. laiye offers fast, affordable, efficient, and easy to use rpa tools designed for businesses and enterprises to carry out their tasks efficiently and effectively.

laiye, founded in 2015 by ivy league ph.d. graduates, is committed to being a leading smart robot platform with global influence in the era of human-robot collaboration. our portfolio of high-quality, secure products and services covers rpa ai solution, including laiye uibot (an rpa product), wulai (an enterprise chatbot platform), and xiaolai (a companion robot). join us on , follow us on , or visit us at


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