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our vision:

when every business has access to intelligent automation, they will operate at new levels of productivity and efficiency.

and when every person has that same access, they will be liberated from mundane tasks and can then focus more on what is meaningful and rewarding to them.

our mission:

our mission is to help business and people do better and be better. to improve business performance and people’s lives. it’s what motivates and inspires us.

it is our commitment to our employees, our partners, our communities, our customers (and their employees and customers).

businesses of all shapes and sizes are looking to technology to help them become more intelligent, agile enterprises.

their goals?
improved productivity, efficiency, performance.

global competition is pressuring every business of every size to re-think everything from innovation and ux to productivity and human capital.

legacy practices are being disrupted. doing business “the way we used to” is no longer the answer. to succeed in this new world order, a business must become more productive, dynamic, responsive, resilient, and intelligent. and their employees more empowered, gratified, and liberated to contribute at higher levels.

addressing these new realities has ignited a technological revolution. and the intelligent automation space, where ai, rpa, idp, chatbots, nlp, and more reside and align, is at the forefront of the revolution. laiye strives to be a leading-edge company in this space. one that changes how leaders lead, how businesses run, how employees work, how businesses perform, and how well they all succeed.

our aspirations:

to re-shape how business does business.

to enrich mankind.

to be the innovative, agile, high-performance solution.

we help our customers transform.

our ai-powered intelligent automation is transforming how leaders lead and how business operates. it is changing how their people work and contribute, how their customers engage, and ultimately, how they succeed in the marketplace.

within that transformation resides the spirit and essence of laiye…and our reason for being. we provide advanced, intelligent solutions to help our customers become more efficient, effective, and successful. to help them be smarter about what they do.

we aspire to be a “first choice” for, and valued partner to our constituencies. to be seen as a bold, innovative leader. to be an influential force in shaping the enterprise of tomorrow. to help ensure its customers’ success and make the world of work a better place.